Parents need compassion, not judgement

Have you ever noticed how much  judgement exists in the world around parenting? A child throws a tantrum in the store…some people are thinking “That child is spoiled! He needs to be taught a lesson!”, others are thinking “MY child would  never act that way! What is his mother teaching him?”, still others are thinking “This is why I don’t want to have children.” The parent is likely feeling the judgement and resulting shame, which adds additional suffering to the situation.  Maybe if we could move toward COMPASSION…for the hungry, tired, stressed child…for the exhausted and stressed parent who is doing his/her best in the moment…and offer a warm smile and a heartfelt communication of “Hang in there, I know you’re doing your best!”…whether spoken or not, the energy shifts toward the positive…my HOPE is that we could support each other in this parenting journey.


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