The Power of Family Meals

The Benefits of the Family Meal:

Research shows that sitting down and eating together as a family has both physical and emotional benefits:

-having family meals is the single strongest predictor of higher achievement scores and fewer behavioural problems

-children are more likely to eat healthier foods when eating at a family meal

-children are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables

-pre-teen and teen girls are less likely to develop disordered eating

-cihldren were less likely to be overweight

-children who eat family meals are more likely to grow up and pass the benefits of the family meal down to their own families

Having a regular meal together is a point of connection that family members can rely on, in this fast-paced and busy pace of life that we keep. Enjoy one another and some healthful delicious food! Include your child in the family meal ritual, even if s/he does not eat.


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